Performance that works

Essential: Mission

Essential: Health is a performance longevity brand. 

Founded in Singapore, the leading country in longevity. Ben Paul and Daniel Hopwood developed Essential: Health with the goal to make simple science based supplements that actually work. 

Essential: Health has one mission in mind, perform at the highest level possible, for as long as possible, while having fun doing it through products and adventures. 

Experience guides us while science builds our strategy for producing the best return in peak physical and mental performance.

The optimized focus of all our formulas: Peak Performance and Optimized Longevity. Perform at your highest level possible, for a long time to come. 

only the essentials

No Bullsh*t Build

Essential: Health was developed because we found that supplements didn’t meet our needs. 3 different powders, 10 different pills, 5 different gummies, from 7 different brands and most of them not even having the minimum effective dose of the ingredients they use. 

Our journey to better supplements started Essential: Hydration. Why? Because most hydration products don’t meet the needs of someone who is trying to optimize their performance and longevity. It's also hot as sh*t in South East Asia.

Most hydration products have to much sugar, not enough electrolytes and a lot of bullsh*t marketing dollars behind them. That what we build Essential: Hydration from the ground up around the pillar of Performance and Longevity in mind. 

  • Ample Salt, potassium and magnesium for hydration. 
  • Creatine for peak muscle performance.
  • Adaptogens to calm the body and mind. 

Co-Founder & CEO

Ben Paul

Ben's athletic journey began in his youth, playing various sports in the US before discovering HIIT workouts and eventually CrossFit while living in Colombia. He participated in challenging events like Hyrox Singapore, a Spartan Beast, and CrossFit competitions, showcasing his dedication to fitness.

A turning point came when Ben faced serious health issues, realizing traditional healthcare wasn't providing the solutions he needed. This experience, coupled with his athletic background, led him to dive deep into nutritional research.

Frustrated by the lack of supplements meeting his specific needs as an athlete, Ben co-founded Essential: Health. The company focuses on creating evidence-based, effective supplements that enhance athletic performance and support overall well-being. Ben's approach combines the latest research with his personal experiences, aiming to fill a gap in the market for athletes and health-conscious individuals.

Co-Founder & CMO

Daniel Hopwood

Daniel’s journey into athletics began at the ripe age of 7 as a AAU Junior Olympic Cross Country runner. His love for sports grew as he ventured into amateur downhill skateboarding, mountain biking, and surfing. This passion for pushing limits on the track and in nature shaped his approach to life.

Daniel’s approach to his health stems not only from his athletics experience, but challenges in his personal life. Living with his grandmother who had Alzheimer’s and facing his own health challenges, Daniel saw firsthand the importance of taking care of one’s health. 

Daniel’s health became a huge priority when working long hours in banking, combined with excessive caffeine and early mornings, made him realize something had to change. He started experimenting with electrolytes to reduce his caffeine intake and quickly saw the benefits. This simple change started the idea for Essential: Hydration, a product designed to naturally boost performance and energy.

Co-founding Essential: Health, Daniel set out to create supplements that not only enhance immediate performance but also support long-term well-being. He believes in a holistic approach to health, where taking care of your body today ensures a better tomorrow.